CHK Guidance Counselors

The middle school guidance staff includes a Director of Student Support Services and two full time guidance counselors. In addition, our district-wide student assistance counselor is  part of this team. Our goal is to guide students on their path toward a successful transition to high school ensuring students are prepared academically, socially, and emotionally.  The counselors focus on promoting and supporting student growth throughout their years at Carl H. Kumpf Middle School. 

Contact Us:

Andrew Amendola,  Director of Student Support Services 
732-382-0910 ext. 3263

Mr. Joseph Sortino, School Counselor: Last Names: A-K
732-340-1974 ext. 4106

Ms. Danielle Crincoli, School Counselor: Last Names: L-Z
732-381-0552 ext. 4107

Mr. Steve Kaelblein, SAC
732-382-0910 ext. 3251





HS Registration Information for Eighth Graders

Future ALJ Families,

On Tuesday, January 30th, ALJ administration and school counselors presented to families about the scheduling process at ALJ for the next academic school year.  Scheduling for all 8th grade students will begin on March 19th. You can find the 9th grade elective sheet for your reference attached to this email. An electronic form in Genesis will be accessible on the parent account and must be completed before your scheduling appointment. Scheduling appointments will be virtual and sent via Google Meet. You will receive an email before March 1st from the CHK counselors. We ask that you adhere to your scheduled appointment date and time.

Scheduling Procedure

Students and their families will review our new Program of Studies which is located on the ALJ School Counseling webpage. In this document, you will find course descriptions, prerequisites, and other pertinent information for the scheduling process. The elective sheet must be completed and filled out prior to their meeting. It can be found under the “Form” section in the Parent Genesis account. Our high school counselors will be presenting to the rising 9th grade students on Tuesday, February 27th to review all information and assist with any questions.

Students will be scheduled for a 20 minute time slot with a high school counselor. Parents/Guardians are invited to attend virtually as well, but it is not mandatory. If you are unable to attend, a copy of their projected schedule/electives will be sent home with your child. Should you have any questions, you can contact your child's school counselor.

Students will go to the cafeteria with their chromebooks 5 minutes prior to their appointment time and log into their virtual scheduling meeting. If the cafeteria is not available, they can go to the counselor’s office or the library.

Placement Criteria

For students matriculating through a specific program, they will need to adhere to the appropriate rubric for placement. Please see the Program of Studies for each class criteria. The rubric primarily includes: Marking Period 1 & 2 grades, teacher recommendation, and NJSLA scores. Additional data can be used for the purpose of appealing course levels.

Student Course Load and Administrative Guidelines for Schedule Changes

Student course lists will be available on Genesis on or about Wednesday, July 31st. If you are in agreement with the courses, you need not take any action. If a student would like to request a schedule change it can be done by the following:

  1. Between July 31st and August 15th, students can request a change via a Google Form (provided over the summer). You will be asked to indicate your school counselor’s name in the form. Please know that only those schedule change requests submitted via this form will be addressed; email will not be considered. As the master schedule is created based on student requests, the limitations of scheduling sometimes render it impossible to honor every student’s choice, most specifically for electives. 

  2. Should you find an error in the schedule (i.e. two English classes or a course that has already been taken), please contact your student’s counselor as soon as possible to have it corrected.

After August 15th, students will be required to attend their courses for a full rotation (Days 1, 2, 3, & 4). Students who wish to explore a change in their schedule will fill out a form no later than the fifth day of school.  After that time, students will be required to meet with a Change Committee. 

Advanced Placement Courses

Students enrolled in an Advanced Placement Course must either take the AP exam in May or enroll in the Early College Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Please work with your school counselor to go over payments or reimbursement options. You may also refer to our AP/Dual Enrollment FAQ on our website.  




Please contact my office should you have any questions or concerns.

Andrew Amendola
Director of School Counseling Services
(732) 574-9600 ext. 3263